Filtering The Queue

How To Filter The Queue

Here's a  quick and easy step by step guide on how to filter by Profile and Category...

1. Navigate to 'Posting Plan' in the top navigation bar

2. Click 'Edit Filters'  (the blue button, follow the green arrows)
Screen-Shot-2018-10-25-at-12-05-44.png3. The option will then appear how you'd like to filter, see below...
Screen-Shot-2018-10-25-at-12-06-55.png4. Click on the Profiles and Categories to deselect the Profile or Category. 

πŸ’‘This will highlight the colours of the Profiles or Categories which will be filtered. 

You can see in the example below, when we click 'Close' we will see only Instagram and Twitter posts that are in Holidays and Questions Categories on our Posting Plan.
Screen-Shot-2018-10-25-at-12-11-25.png5. Click 'Close'
6. Check out our Posting Plan, you can see our Questions Timeslot without any clutter 😎

You can now see that under the 'Edit Filters' button, it shows 7 Timeslots are hidden from view. 

To see these Timeslots again, simply follow steps 1 - 5 selecting 'ALL' on filtering. 

How to hide filtering

  • You can hide the Filter pane by clicking Hide on the far left (follow the green arrow)
  • This will display your Posting Plan full screen

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