๐Ÿ“น How Does SmarterQueue Work? How Do I Know What Will Post & When?

Twitter has made changes that severely limit access to their API. This affects SmarterQueue's ability to deliver Twitter functionality.

Please check your Inbox โ€“ you should have received an email from us detailing how this impacts your account. If you have any questions, please get in touch with our Customer Success team!

How Does SmarterQueue Decide What To Post?

SmarterQueue gives you the option to design your very own Posting Plan, to automate your content publishing and save time.

1. Navigate to the Posting Plan using the top menu in your SmarterQueue dashboard:

From here you can drag and drop Timeslots onto the weekly schedule:

In the Posting Plan above, we can see 2 Timeslots from a Category called โ€˜New Blog Posts Self Promotionโ€™ being created. You can give your Categories any name you like!

You can also see above that you are able to post to as many or as few Profiles as you like in any Category โ€“ the ones being created, for example, will post to 2 Profiles, whereas Saturday's articles will go to only 1 Profile.

In fact, you can see how many Timeslots you've created for each Category and Social Profile combination by scrolling down in the Posting Plan screen:

This will clarify how many posts will go out for each Category and Social Profile combination every week. 

2. Next, head over to Create a Post where you can create whatever content you want, in the Post Editor, by selecting the Category you want to post in, and the Social Profiles you want your content to post to: 

Send your posts to the Queue (top or bottom of the Queue), to have it published based on the Posting Plan you created earlier. 

And make sure to check the 'Recycle After Posting' button to use Evergreen recycling and make sure that your posts reach more of your audience. 

This is where you will see posts that will be published to your followers, as well as the dates and times when they will go out!

How To Specifically Schedule Your Content

With SmarterQueue, you can set multiple specific dates and times for your content to be published, or create recurring posts.

This way, you decide exactly when each post goes out and how many times, without using the Timeslots in your Posting Plan (which will continue to be used for the content you've sent to your Queue). 

When creating your content in the Post Editor, you can either: 

1.  Manually set times and dates for your time-sensitive content, for each specific post.

2. Create recurring posts for content that needs to be published daily, weekly, yearly, or those special posts that only work on Mondays.

All these posts will also come up in your Queue, but they will be pinned to the selected dates and times:

Keep in mind that scheduled and recurring posts are prioritized over content being published based on the Timeslots in your Posting Plan. 

This means that if you schedule a post for the same date and time as a Timeslot in your Posting Plan (added for posts created for the same social profile and Category combination as your scheduled post), the scheduled post will be published instead, and the Timeslot will be skipped.