How Do I Know What Will Post & When?

How Does SmarterQueue Decide What To Post?

SmarterQueue allows you to schedule your Posts either manually, or by designing your own Posting Plan.

 In the Posting Plan above, we can see 2 Timeslots from a Category called ‘Client 1 Blog Posts’ being created. You can give your categories any name you like!

You can also see above that you are able to post to as many or as few Profiles as you like in any Category – the ones being created, for example will post to 2 Profiles whereas Saturday's articles will go to only 1 Profile.

To do this you can head over to Add A Post where you can create and schedule whatever content you want, in the Post Editor, by selecting the Category you want to post in, and the Profiles you want your articles to post to: 

After you've created and saved the content, you will see it added to your Queue, based on the Posting Plan you created earlier. This is where you will see Posts that will be published to your followers, you can see the date and time that they will go out!

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