How Do I Edit A Queued Post?

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How To Edit A Queued Post

Navigate to the post you’d like to edit, and click the ‘Pencil’ icon to edit the post.

This will open the Post Editor, where you can edit any of the parameters of your post, including post text, image, Category, timing, and Evergreen settings.

When you’re done simply click 'Save' and the post will be updated and any changes reflected in your Queue. 

If you only changed the post content, its position in your Queue will be unchanged. 

If you edited the scheduled date of the post or the Category, its Queue position will be updated accordingly.

💡 Edits made to Evergreen posts will affect all subsequent cycles of the post

How Do I Edit A Post For Multiple Social Profiles?

If you created a post for multiple profiles at the same time, they will be saved as separate posts. This is because you can customise the text for each profile, as well as publish them on separate schedules.

  • To help you edit a post across multiple profiles, click on '...' to see more options
  • Then, choose 'View Related Posts', which will show all other posts that are related to this one (e.g. duplicate posts, or versions of this post on other profiles)
  • SmarterQueue knows which posts are related because they were created at the same time

You can click on each version, to edit the post and then return to the list of related posts, making it easier to edit multiple versions quickly.

💡When you edit a related post, you’ll still be able to find it in the related posts menu

Can I Edit Past Posts?


If this is a post you have scheduled to recycle, just follow the steps we have laid out earlier. 

If this is a Post that is not recycling, but you want to edit and re-add to your Queue here's how to do that;       

  • Find the post in your 'Past Posts' section and click on '...'
  • Select 'Re-Queue' which will bring you to the Post Editor where you can make any changes:

How To View Past Posts?

From your SmarterQueue dashboard you can select Past Posts at the top of the screen:

Can I Bulk Edit Posts?

We have started working on this Feature Request and hope to implement it in the very near future 🙌

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