How To Analyse The Performance Of Past Posts

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See Your Post Performance

On any of your past posts, you can check its likes, comments, shares, retweets, clicks, and many other performance metrics. At the top of the page, you can sort your past posts by best or worst in comments, likes, shares, and more.

Note: Statistics shown will vary depending on the network where the post was published.

Filter Your Past Posts

Use the filters in the pop-out menu on the left-hand side to see the post history for specific profiles, categories, or types of Posts such as Evergreen.

View Your Published Post

you can easily see any post in your history, on any platform you published it to. Click on ' ...'  next to the post you want to view, to see more options, then choose 'View Published Post'. This will open a new tab where your post will be displayed in the social network in question.

If you have multiple versions of a post, which you will if you published a post to different social networks, you can see these with the 'Related Posts' function. Choose ' ...' next to the post,  to see more options, then choose 'View Related Posts'. This will bring up a list of your related posts so that you can edit, copy, or trash them easily.

View Stats Per Cycle

If your post is Evergreen, you can see its performance for each time it has cycled through your Queue. Click on ' ...' next to the post to see more options, then choose 'View Stats Per Cycle'. This will bring up your post in the Post Editor to add back to your queue.

Re-Queue Posts To Share Again

If you find one of your previous posts that you’d like to re-post, you can easily add it back to your Queue. Click on ' ...' next to the post, to see more options, then choose 'Re-Queue'. This will bring up your post in the Post Editor where you can add it back to your Queue.

View Your Bitly Stats

You can quickly jump to your Bitly dashboard to see detailed click tracking on your post. Click on ' ...' to see more options, then choose 'View Bitly Stats'. This will display your Bitly dashboard with click tracking information for the post in question.

Click on ' ...' to see more options, then choose View Original Link. This will open up a new tab with your original link.

What Are Uniques?

When you see Uniques, this is how many unique individuals have viewed that post, for example if 6 different people looked at your post but one of them looked again 4 more times, your post would have 10 clicks but only 6 of them unique.  

Instagram or LinkedIn?

You are not alone in wanting deeper analytics for these two Social Platforms and we are hard at work trying to increase the functionality. We have this on our Feature Request Board here for Instagram and here for LinkedIn and you can follow along with any updates!

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