What Are UnQueued Posts? Error Says I Need To Add A Timeslot In The Posting Plan

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What Does This Error Mean?

This error means that you have posts in your Queue, but you haven't added a Timeslot to your Posting Plan for that type of post. 

Effectively you haven’t told SmarterQueue when you would like that type of post to be published.

You’ll see this message in a few places

  • In your Info Pane of the Queue
  • In the top toolbar of the Queue
  • On the Posting Plan page

Unqueued posts in the Info Pane of the Queue

Unqueued posts in the Queue toolbar

Unqueued posts on Posting Plan.

How do I fix this error?

To remedy this, click View Unqueued Posts.

Each post that is unqueued will show an individual warning that explains which profile + category timeslot needs to be created to move the post back into the normal queue. Hover over the red triangle icon to see the error message.

Select Click to add a timeslot to your schedule, which will bring you to the Posting Plan page. 

The profile + category timeslot you need to create to Queue your post will be pre-filled. 

Add as many timeslots as you’d like to your Posting Plan, then click “Done.” 

When you navigate back to your Queue, you’ll see your posts are now Queued and ready to go!

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