How To Add A GIF To A Post

Twitter has made changes that severely limit access to their API. While we continue to provide Twitter publishing capabilities, please note that access levels may vary for different users. We encourage you to refer to our Help Center articles for general guidance and to reach out to our support team for any questions about your specific access and limitations.

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Drag And Drop A GIF From Your Computer Or Device

  • Navigate to 'Create a Post' to access the Post Editor
    • Drag and drop any media file from your computer or device into the Post Editor

    Select A GIF From Your Computer Or Device

    • Navigate to 'Create a Post' to access the Post Editor

    • In the Post Editor, click 'media' then select 'Upload an Image/GIF'

    • Find and select the GIF file from your computer to add it to your post

    Copy The URL Of A GIF On The Web

    • Find the GIF you’d like to post on your favorite GIF site -  Some good sources for GIFs are Reddit, Giphy, and Gifbin
    • Right-click on the GIF, and select 'Copy Image Address'

    • Inside your SmarterQueue account, navigate to 'Create a Post' to access the Post Editor

    • Click 'Media' 

    • Then select 'Paste From A URL'

    • In the next window, simply paste your copied link into the dialogue box and select 'Get Image'

    • SmarterQueue will add the GIF to your Post, then display it in the Post Editor as a static thumbnail with a small GIF label, to remind you which type of media was used for your post

    Share A GIF Using The SmarterQueue Chrome Extension Or Bookmarklet

    • This will open the SmarterQueue Post Editor

    • Here, you can select the Categories and Social Profiles you’d like to post to, edit the Post Text and adjust any other settings before saving to your Queue

    • Alternatively, if you're not a Chrome user, you can install the SmarterQueue Bookmarklet to any browser.
    • Navigate to a GIF you’d like to share on the web - Some good sources for GIFs are Reddit, Giphy, and Gifbin
    • Select the SmarterQueue Bookmarklet from your bookmarks tabs

    • Just like with the Chrome Extension, this will open the SmarterQueue Post Editor allowing you to create and schedule your post from here. 

    • Navigate to 'Create a Post' to access the Post Editor

    • Click 'Media' then select 'Search Free Images/GIFs'

    • When you first open the GIF Search page, it shows Trending GIFs, as selected by Giphy staff but you can enter a search term to look for specifics:

    • Click on a GIF to add it to your post. If you entered a search term, you can choose 'Save Search' to save it as one of your Import Sources, so that you can find those GIFs again with one click

    Search For A GIF On The ‘Find Content’ Page

    •  Select 'GIF Search' on the left sidebar

    • On the GIF Search page, select a GIF to add it to a new post

    Reuse A GIF From 'My Media'

    • Navigate to 'Create a Post' to access your Post Editor

    • In the Post Editor, select 'Add Media', then choose 'My Media'

    • Use the drop-down filters on the 'My Media' page to filter for GIFs you've used

    • Click on a GIF to preview it. From the GIF preview, select 'Share to SmarterQueue' and it will add your GIF to your new Post that you can then edit as usual

    Common Questions

    1. How will my GIF look when published?

    GIFs are published on Facebook and Twitter as videos. GIFs will autoplay on Facebook and Twitter when your followers scroll them into view. GIFs posted to LinkedIn will be a link preview; clicking the preview will open the GIF, while Instagram doesn’t currently support GIFs.

    2. Why does my GIF say "The media could not be played" on Twitter?

    While GIFs are converted to videos on Twitter, sometimes the conversion is not successful, and you end up with a video that does not work. This happens due to an issue purely on Twitter’s end, where they’re not handling the GIF-to-video conversion correctly.
    We have two recommendations when this occurs:
    1. Try posting the tweet again to see if Twitter can successfully convert the GIF this time
    2. Edit the GIF (for example, try ImageOptim or some other GIF optimizer), and see if the edited GIF resolves any issues Twitter experienced when making your video 

    3. What types and sizes of GIFs can I upload?

    There is a file size limit of 15MB for GIFs that can be uploaded to SmarterQueue. 

    GIFs may be rejected by Twitter if they are too high-resolution, or are too long – even if their size is smaller than 15MB. Twitter limits are as follows:

    • Resolution can be up to 1280×1080
    • The number of frames must be less than 350
    • The file size must be less than 15MB
    • The number of pixels (width * height * number of frames) must be less than 300 million

    GIFs may be rejected by LinkedIn if specific requirements aren't met:

    • The number of frames must be less than 250
    • The number of pixels must be less than 36,152,320 pixels

    You can check the framerate of a GIF by using a tool like