How To Save Sources

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How To Save RSS Or Social Sources

To save a source, just search for social accounts or RSS feeds and then click the “Save Source” button on the Find Content page. This will save your search (along with any filters you applied) to your “My Sources” section on the left-hand side of the page. You may also create folders to further organize those saved sources.

Can I Save A Twitter List To My Sources?

Yes, you may also import your Twitter lists from the 'Find Content' page. 

  • Click in the 'Find Content' search box and you will see a pop down list showing your connected social profiles. 
  • At the bottom of that, you will see “Twitter Lists for @yourprofilename”. 
  • Just click on it, and all of your lists will be shown, for you to select which one you’d like to view. You can  bulk import one or more of those tweets directly into your Queue if you wish.