📹 How Does The SmarterQueue Chrome Extension Work?

The SmarterQueue Chrome Extension lets you quickly add any website you’re currently viewing directly to your Queue, right from your Chrome browser. 💪  

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How To Add The Extension To Your Chrome Browser

1. To add the SmarterQueue Chrome Extension, go to 'Settings' in your SmarterQueue account. 

2. Once in 'Settings', click on 'Tools', then click on 'Install our browser extension'.

Or go directly to the Chrome Web Store

3. Select 'Add to Chrome' to add the extension.

4. You will see a pop-up asking if you want to add the SmarterQueue Chrome Extension to your Chrome browser. Click on 'Add extension'.

5. A confirmation pop-up will let you know that the SmarterQueue Chrome Extension was added to your Chrome browser. 

6. Make sure to pin the extension for quick access anytime you're browsing and want to share something with your audience on social media. 

How To Use The Chrome Extension

Whenever you’re on a website that you want to share with your followers, you will be able to easily create a post with that link and add it to your Queue.

1. Simply click on the SmarterQueue Chrome Extension. ✨        

This will open up the Post Editor, with the link pre-filled, so you can create a new post to share that webpage.

2. Select your Category, Social Profile(s), and make any edits you want to the imported content. Along with the link, the Chrome Extension will also pull the page title. 

Note: The Chrome Extension does not work with Facebook or Twitter links. However, you can re-share content from Facebook and Twitter

3. Alternatively, you can simply share an image that you found while browsing. 

Simply hover your mouse over the image and you will see a "Share Image" button, generated by the Chrome Extension. 

This will still bring in the link and title of the website you're on, but the specific image you've selected will be added as media to your post and will replace the link preview. 

Note: And if you only want to use the image for your post, you can simply remove the link and page title from the Post Editor, before publishing or saving to the Queue. 

If you want to quickly share content as you're browsing but you're not a Chrome user, simply install the SmarterQueue browser Bookmarklet extension to your preferred browser. 

To add links to your Queue while on mobile, just install the SmarterQueue mobile app for iOS. You'll be able to save links to the Find Content section, and then add them to your Queue when you're back on your computer.

And if you're an Android user, check how to save mobile bookmarks on your Android device.