How To Bulk Upload Images From A CSV File To My Media

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Getting Your Images Ready

You can include the URL of any image in your CSV file, as long as the image is publicly available on the internet.

If the images are already on a website, you can just use their existing URL. Note: Dropbox,  Google Drive, and Google Photos are not recommended for bulk image upload.

If your images are not already online, you can bulk upload images to – this is a free service that gives you direct URLs to the image files.

  • Make sure to select “Don’t Resize My Image” when uploading them.
  • Once you’ve uploaded your images to PostImg, use the following settings:
    • Codes for all images
    • Direct link
    • 1 Column

Adding Your Images To Your CSV

When your images have been uploaded to the web, you can then copy and paste the image URLs into the third column of your CSV import file. Make sure the correct image names match up with the correct posts.

Here’s what your CSV spreadsheet should look like once you have pasted the image URLs into your third column:

You can now save the spreadsheet as a CSV file, and import it to SmarterQueue.

💡If you are sharing a link in your CSV file’s second column, you may not need to attach an image if it’s already present on the page that you’re sharing the link for. You can manage your image handling when bulk importing from your Settings.

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