Image Handling For Bulk Importing

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Use Existing images

The most common option is to Use Existing Images. This will produce the Link Preview that you are most used to seeing.  

It will look something like this: 

This contains the Existing Image in the Link Preview and publishes that to your followers!

Remove Images

If you are going to share a link and want to only display the link itself, no image or link preview, then this option will generate a Post that looks something like this:

As you see, it contains only the link, and will share this to your followers when published.

Add Images

If you have a unique image that you want to add to your Post, then this is how to do it. This option will attach a new image directly. Something you must take into account here is that this option replaces any Link Preview and will change the appearance of the Post to look something like this: 

As you can see, it contains the link. But the Link Preview is now replaced by that image you added!

Default Settings

In your Settings (⚙️) you can choose your default image handling preference. So you can change whether to use existing images, remove images, or add images to your future bulk imports. This will stay the same for all future Posts that you import unless you alter the settings.

You can still make changes for each individual Bulk Import like this:

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