What Is Bitly & How Does It Work?

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Connect Your Bitly Account

From the Profiles page in SmarterQueue;

  • Click 'Add an Account' to link your Bitly account to SmarterQueue. It's free and does not count as one of your attached profiles!
Once your Bitly account is connected, link tracking will be turned on by default. 
You can also connect multiple Bitly accounts if you wish, and set up custom link tracking for each social profile

Manage Your Link Tracking Settings

You can turn Bitly off in your Link Previews in the right-hand pane when creating a post by clicking on 'Link Settings'

You may also visit your Settings in SmarterQueue to manage your link tracking settings.

Bitly Analytics

Once you have connected your Bitly account and shared posts with links, you will be able to see analytics of those links by navigating to Analytics > Past Posts.

Common Questions

Why doesn't Bitly shorten the links for my Pinterest posts?

Due to API restrictions, Bitly Link Tracking is not currently available on Pinterest. 

We are actively looking into increasing this functionality.  

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