How Can I Bulk Edit Posts?

Sometimes you need to make changes to multiple posts at once. 

That's why we started working on this feature and hope to implement it in the very near future πŸ™Œ

If you'd like to let us know just how much you're looking forward to having this feature, please do feel free to contact us at with any feedback or ideas!

In the meantime, you can make edits to posts using these steps...

How To Quickly Edit Your Posts

1. Easily find the posts that you want to edit by using the filters available in the left-hand side of the Queue. This will allow you to filter by Category, Social Profile, content type, and Evergreen settings. 

Check out more information on how to filter your Queue here

2. Quickly edit the posts you've identified by clicking the β€˜pencil’ icon. This will open the Post Editor, where you will be able to edit any of the parameters of your post.

Check out more tips on how to edit your queued posts here.