How To Filter Your Queue

You can filter your Queue by Category, Social Profile, the way it was scheduled, content type, and Evergreen settings. By filtering your Queue, you can more easily visualize your content for each Sub-Queue! 

Filtering your Queue may help you to see what specific content you've already scheduled or help you rearrange the order of your posts. To filter your Queue, please follow these easy steps: 

  • Navigate to your Queue inside your SmarterQueue dashboard

  • Use the left-hand filter pane to add and remove Filters. Here, you can check how many posts you have for each Profile or Category

  • Click on any of the options to filter your Queue. In doing so, your Queue will then show posts that pertain to your chosen Filters 

For example, if you only want to see posts for your Facebook Page, click on it to filter. This will show your Sub-Queue of Facebook Page posts. 

  • At the top of the pane, you can see which Filters are currently applied, and clicking on them will remove the filter

  • You can combine filters, to view posts in a specific Category for a particular Profile – and even see Evergreen image posts within those! You can also filter by how a post was scheduled, or content type i.e. Image, video, text, etc.

  • Once you've applied your filters, you can choose to hide the Filter pane by clicking Hide on the far left