How Does Instagram Publishing Work With SmarterQueue?

Publishing on Instagram varies depending on the type of content you are publishing as well as the type of Instagram Profile you're publishing to.  

Publishing Directly (⚡) works with Instagram Business and Creator Profiles that are connected to a Facebook Page. Creator Profiles can publish single-image posts, carousel posts, as well as video/Reels directly, while Business Profiles can also directly publish Story posts.

Publishing all post types to Instagram Personal Profiles, as well as Story posts for Creator Profiles will work via the notification workflow (🔔) on the SmarterQueue Mobile App. 

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How To Publish Different Post Types To Instagram

No matter what type of Instagram Profile you're using, what content you're publishing, or how you'd like to publish (either directly, where possible, or via the notification workflow), we've got your back 💪

Check out detailed steps on how to publish all of the different types of posts SmarterQueue can handle:

How To Figure Out How My Content Will Be Published

SmarterQueue lets you publish your Instagram posts directly (⚡) or via the notification workflow (🔔), with the help of our Mobile App.

Depending on the type of content you're publishing and the profile you're publishing to, you may need to use the mobile app or will have the ability to choose between the two options.

Additionally, the media that you add to your post will also influence how the post is published:

To ensure direct publishing is an option for your Business or Creator profile(s), make sure to Enable Direct Publishing from inside the Profiles section of the dashboard. 💪

Note: Check out detailed steps on how to Enable Direct Publishing.

Note: If you're using a Personal Instagram Profile, you can easily convert it into a Creator or Business one to directly publish your content.

Then, as you create your posts in the SmarterQueue Post Editor, you'll notice that Instagram Profiles that have Direct Publishing Enabled are marked with a lightning glyph (⚡), while Instagram Profiles that will publish via the notification workflow will be marked with a bell glyph (🔔).

As you create your Instagram post you'll notice an option to choose the "Instagram Publishing Method".

By default, all posts will use “⚡ Attempt Direct Publishing”. Leaving this on will ensure that SmarterQueue will try to directly publish your post where possible. No worries, if that's not possible due to the type of Instagram Profile or media, we'll fall back to the notification workflow.

You can also select “🔔 Get a Reminder” to publish manually, even where direct publishing is possible:

  • To add music, stickers, tags, locations, or filters to the post.
  • Because direct-published stories don’t include any caption text, so by publishing manually you can paste the caption text over the story.
  • Direct-published image/video stories taller than 9:16 or wider than 1.91 will be cropped. By publishing manually, you can resize the image/video to fit within the screen
  • To manually check how your Instagram posts look before being published, rather than silently allowing content to be published (though you can still get an email confirmation whenever an Instagram post is published directly).