Where Are My Variations In The Queue?

Variations are a great way to test image and copy options, as well as keep your Evergreen content fresh and unique!

If you go through the steps to create Variations and then go back to your Queue, you may wonder where all those unique Variations have gone. 🤔

In order to simplify your Queue, as well as make it easier to navigate and find individual posts, not all variations are displayed at once. 

When creating the Variations in the 'Post Editor', the Preview pane on the right-hand side will keep you updated on how many you'll end up posting. 

As you can see in the example above, we are creating a post where we will be varying media, with 3 images to choose from. As the Preview pane is showing, we will end up with three different posts

That said, when going to your Queue, you will only be able to find one post, which will appear as such:

This is because only the first Variation that is scheduled to go out will show up first. Once that variation is posted, the next one will pop-up in your Queue, waiting for its turn to be sent out. 

You will still be able to tell what content you've scheduled, as the post will display helpful information:

You can see here that we have 3 Variations in our Queue and this one (the red rose) will be the first to be published. 

This matches what we were able to see in the Post Editor when creating the Variations, including which of the Posts will go out first:

After this post is Published, the next Variation will appear in the Queue as Cycle #2, and Variation 2 of 3.

After the 3rd cycle and assuming the Post is not set to expire, it will start again at Variation 1 of 3 for Cycle #4.