How To Get Specific Images Paired With Specific Captions Using Variations

When creating Variations, if you'd like certain images to be paired with specific captions then read on and follow the tips below! 

To learn the basics of using Variations, check out our helpful guide: What Are Variations? How To Vary Images & Text For Evergreen Posts

1. 💡 Always add the one link you want to use first, adding it to the Post Editor before you create multiple Text Variations means it will automatically be copied to all Text Variations 😉

2. Select 'Vary media' in Media Options and 'Re-Queue after posting' in Evergreen Post Recycling.

3. Upload the images you'd like to use.

4. Add your captions (Text Variations) into the Post Editor, in the same order that you've uploaded your images, left to right.  (Check out our example below, you can see that 'The yellow hoodie and track pants' is Variation 1 and also the first image to be used. Variation 2, also matches Image 2 and so on)

💡 Tip! You can drag and drop your uploaded images to re-order them by clicking on an image and dragging it to the desired position. Or, you can re-order your Text Variations by clicking and dragging the arrow icon (above the trash can icon), check out the example below... 

5. Check your Variations are in the correct order by clicking the arrows on the Preview.

Okay, so what about if you want to test two different Text Variations with the denim jacket image?

Let's show you how!

To create two different captions for one image...

  • Create a 4th Text Variation, in the example below, you can see we've added a different denim jacket Text Variation which we want to match up only with the denim jacket images.
  • Initially when we added the 4th Text Variation, the images and text became out of sync, and it temporarily created 12 new Variations.

  • An easy solution to get them back in sync is to add the desired image again, in our case our denim jacket photo! Let's try this and see what happens...

  • 🎉 Because we added 4 images with 4 Text Variations we're back in sync! The 4th Text Variation (about the denim jacket) now matches our 4th image in our uploaded Media! When we clicked the arrows in the Preview, we can now see that Variation 4 has matching Text and Image! These will now always stay in sync.
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