How To Restore Deleted Or Trashed Posts

If you have deleted or trashed any of your Posts and are hoping to restore them, we can help! 

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How To Restore Trashed Posts

Your trashed posts can be found by clicking on 'Trash' on the top left-hand side of your SmarterQueue dashboard inside the Queue

Note: You can restore deleted Posts for up to 30 days, after which any Trashed Posts in the bin will be deleted automatically.

From here, you can still Edit A Post or Save A Post As Draft without deleting the Post completely.

You can also restore all trashed Posts, or delete them all from Trash by clicking the buttons on the top-right of the screen.

How To Restore Deleted Posts

Permanently deleting Posts can be a bit different when it comes to restoring. 

Maybe you deleted the Profile or deleted a Category, not to worry, whatever the cause, please Contact Us outlining the specific posts and/or Categories you wanted to bring back and we can support you.