How To Schedule Timeslots On Different Days For Separate Social Profiles With The Same Category

You can use the same Category to post to different Social Profiles at different times and frequencies during the week. 

For example, if you have content within a Category that you want to post three times a week on Facebook, and two times a week on Instagram, you can activate or deactivate each Social Profiles when adding the Timeslot to your Posting Plan
This can also be useful if you'd like to post at different times during the day to each of your Social Profiles. Instead of scheduling a post for 9am to go to all of your Profiles, you might choose to post at 9am to Instagram, 11am to LinkedIn, and 3pm to Twitter to avoid blasting your audience. 

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Creating And Adding New Timeslots For One Social Profile Inside The Posting Plan 

1. Navigate to the Posting Plan in the top menu of your SmarterQueue dashboard

2. Using the widget on the left-hand side of your screen, select a Category from the drop-down menu

3. Next, select the relevant Social Profile(s) you'd like to schedule a Timeslot for to activate them

4. Drag and drop the Timeslot to the Posting Plan

5. To schedule a Timeslot for the same Category to a different day and time, repeat steps 3 and 4 

In the example Posting Plan above, for the 'Webinar Promotion' Category, we'll be posting on Tuesdays to the Facebook Page and on Thursdays to Instagram.

Activating A Social Profile For An Existing Timeslot

  • If you need to add or remove a Social Profile for an existing Timeslot, click the three dots on the Timeslot then select 'Edit Timeslot: 

  • In the pop-up that appears, you can then click to activate/deactivate the relevant Social Profiles