What Is The SmarterQueue Boost?

Wondering how much more engagement you've gotten by recycling your Evergreen content? Find out by tracking the SmarterQueue Boost! 😊   

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Why Is Evergreen Content Important?

Creating Evergreen content is an important part of building the foundation of any social media strategy. Evergreen content is anything that isn't time-specific which means you could publish the same post multiple times over the course of several weeks or months and still reap the benefits! 

By incorporating Evergreen posts into your strategy, you'll get the most out of your content so the precious time you spent creating it translates into more views and engagement by your followers đŸ’Ē Your Queue will always be full so you don't have to worry about constantly producing new posts.

With SmarterQueue's powerful Evergreen Recycling features, you can easily set a post to be Evergreen so that after it publishes the first time, it is then re-added back into your library of content at the bottom to be published again in the future. 

Only a small percentage of your following may see any given post due to the limits of social media algorithms. By publishing your post a second, third, fourth... time you'll give it a new life and opportunity to be seen by a higher proportion of your following! 🎉 

What Is The SmarterQueue Boost?

The SmarterQueue Boost is the total increase in engagement on an Evergreen post compared to if you had only shared it once.

You can see the SmarterQueue Boost for a variety of engagement metrics based on the social network. This boost is calculated by the total engagement metric divided by the initial post's engagement. 

For example, if you're analyzing shares, the SmarterQueue Boost = total shares âž— initial post's shares. 

In the screenshot below, we can see the statistics for a particular Evergreen post that recycled 14 times. As a result, it got 34x more likes, 13x more retweets, and 225x more clicks!! 🎉 

Where Can I Find The SmarterQueue Boost Statistics? 

You can find statistics on the SmarterQueue Boost, by following the steps below!

1. Navigate to Analytics > Past Posts

2. From here, you can filter to view posts for specific Social Profiles or Categories using the left-hand widget

3. Use the filters at the top of your screen to view your 'Repeating Posts Grouped' then sort by the engagement metric you're interested in

This will group the engagement data for your Evergreen posts and display the SmarterQueue Boost in green, helping you to quickly identify your top-performing content! ✨ 

4. Here we can see that this particular post recycled 14 times and therefore received 34x more likes, 13x more retweets, and 225x more clicks!

5. To see more information on each cycle, click the three dots '...' on the particular post, then select 'View Stats Per Cycle'

6. In the pop-up that appears, you'll be able to see the engagement metrics broken down by cycle 

7. To get a general idea of how much more engagement you received by recycling your evergreen posts, also click on the "Show SmarterQueue Boost" button on the right-hand side

This will show how much engagement you got from the initial cycle alone, from all cycles combined, and the boost you received.

For more tips and tricks, check out our amazing blog post on How to Boost Engagement & Reach with Evergreen Recycling!