How To Compare The Performance Of Your Categories

Categorizing your posts helps you to stay organized and saves you time by auto-scheduling your content! Find out which types of content and which of your Categories are the most engaging by comparing their performance and analytics!

1. Navigate to Analytics > Reports

2. Select the Social Profile whose data you'd like to analyze 
3. Choose a date range then click 'Update' 

4. The first section of your data will show a break down of your engagement by Category! Here you can quickly see which Categories performed best.
In this example, we can see that the Category ' Remote Work' received the highest engagement in terms of likes, with a total of 153 likes 💪 The Category ' Social Media Tips' received the lowest number of likes (58) but the highest number of retweets (110) and clicks (147)! 
Using this data, you can see if the Categories you thought would be popular actually perform well or not! You can then discontinue those that fall short and create new categories similar to the ones performing well! Viewing this data is also great for tracking the performance of seasonal Categories for promotions or time-sensitive content. 
💡 Hover over the question mark for each metric to learn more 🧠

5. Scroll down to 'Engagement by Hour' for more insight on which times work best for each of your Categories

The information is color-coded according to the principles of a heat map. A red bubble indicates hot or high engagement, while a more green bubble indicates lower engagement. The size of each circle indicates the number of times you've posted at that particular slot. 

A big red bubble, for example, would mean you've posted at that time frequently and received high engagement! Jackpot! 🍯 

6. Use the filters at the top of the graph to narrow the data to a specific Category and metric 

7. Here we can see what times are most engaging for each specific Category! For example, for the 'Social Media Tips' Category, posting at 11pm (or 23 o'clock military time) on Mondays is the most engaging for likes!