What Are Reports?

Members with the Agency plan or the Advanced Analytics add-on can view reports for any time period. All other plans can view reports for the current month only.

In your SmarterQueue Reports, you can create robust reports for any of your connected social profiles.

Reporting In SmarterQueue

On the Reports page:

  • Choose your reporting time frame, and social profile to analyse
  • Click 'Update' to update the report if you change your time frame or social profile

💡You can analyse one social profile at a time

In the report, you’ll see:

  • Engagement by Category. See how many Posts you published from each of your Categories, and see how much engagement each Category received

  • An interactive metric chart of your choice (likes, comments, shares, visitors, uniques, and more) plotted against other values, like the number of fans, fan growth, and posting frequency. 
  • Simply select, then choose the data from the two drop down menus that you'd like to see and compare!

  • A heat map of your best posting times, so that you can fine-tune the times you share posts with your audience:

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