How To Use Analyse A Social Profile

Members with the Agency plan or the Advanced Analytics add-on can analyse any social profile. All other plans can only analyse their own social profiles.

The Analyse a Social Profile tool is an invaluable method to keep tabs on the competition or monitor your own performance over time (even from before you started using SmarterQueue).

Analyse a Social Profile

It only takes two steps to gain valuable insights about any social profile (not just your own).

  1. Search for any social profile, or analyse one of your own.
  2. Set your date range.

You’ll see:

  • What types of content is shared most frequently and how much engagement it gets on average,
  • How many hashtags are used and the engagement that happens as a result.
  • The exact hashtags that have been used, in order of frequency, and their impact on likes, comments and shares.
  • Examine posts per month, together with average likes, shares and comments per post.
  • Finally, see a heat map of the profile’s best posting times and a list of each post published and its individual engagement statistics.

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