How To Share Blog Posts

Twitter has made changes that severely limit access to their API. This affects SmarterQueue's ability to deliver Twitter functionality.

Please check your Inbox – you should have received an email from us detailing how this impacts your account. If you have any questions, please get in touch with our Customer Success team!

SmarterQueue lets you import content from blogs, RSS feeds, or YouTube channels and, and easily send them to your Queue. 

This will allow you to promote the amazing work you've been doing with your blog, website, or YouTube channel, as well as share with your audience relevant work from other great content creators that you follow. 

How To Share Blog Posts

You can easily import relevant content for your audience and share it by following a few easy steps: 
1.  Using the top menu bar navigate to 'Find Content'.   
2. Then select 'Share posts from other's blogs' if you would like to import content from blogs you follow, or 'Share your blog posts' if you want to promote your own work to your social media audience. 

3. Using the search bar, you will be able to search and import content:  

  • from blogs or websites, by using the blog/website URL - don't worry, SmarterQueue will be able to identify the RSS feed needed to bring in your articles

  • from YouTube Channels or playlists - you'll need to simply use the YouTube URL

4. Once you've found the content you're looking for, you quickly send it to your Queue. 

And you'll be able to easily import either one specific entry or multiple ones in Bulk. SmarterQueue will also let you set-up auto-importers, to keep new content coming in without you having to do anything else. 

Take a look at detailed steps on how to easily Import Automatically, as well as Import in Bulk from blogs and websites, then quickly check how to Import from YouTube.