How To Use Email Notifications For Instagram And Facebook Group Publishing

Each social platform comes with its unique set of posting requirements, making direct publishing for third-party scheduling tools not always feasible. Recognizing this, SmarterQueue employs email notifications to bridge these gaps.

Explore with us how this feature simplifies centralizing your social media presence and guarantees your strategy stays on track, without missing a beat 💪

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How Do Email Notifications Help With Publishing Content?

Platforms like Instagram and Facebook Groups present certain posting limitations.

For Instagram, publishing has always varied depending on the type of content you were trying to post as well as the type of Instagram Profile you were publishing to.  

Currently, content published to Instagram Personal Profiles, as well as many types of Story posts in general will require the manual notification workflow (either via email or mobile app notifications).

Note: See more information on how Instagram publishing works with SmarterQueue.

Additionally, with the changes Meta announced for its Facebook Graph API v19.0 (applied starting April 2024), third-party scheduling tools will no longer be able to support direct publishing to Facebook Groups (more information available here).

Email notifications will allow you to continue publishing your scheduled content for these platforms.

At the scheduled time for a post in your Queue, you'll get an email containing the post's content. This enables you to quickly create the post on the Instagram or Facebook apps, using the email content for convenience.

This approach ensures you can still centralize your content planning and scheduling in one place, maintaining consistency and efficiency across your strategy.

With the simple addition of an email step to your workflow, it offers you the flexibility to personalize each post for optimal engagement, aligning with the specific needs of platforms like Instagram and Facebook Groups.

How To Use Email Notifications To Publish Instagram Posts

To receive email notifications alongside push notifications for Instagram manual posts, simply adjust your "Email Preferences" in your SmarterQueue account's "Settings".

1. First, navigate to your account Settings using the "cog" (⚙) menu in the upper-right corner of the Dashboard, then select "Email Preferences".

2. Next, scroll down and select "Yes" under "Send me an email notification when" > "An Instagram Post Is Ready To Be Posted". 

Once enabled, you’ll receive emails at the time of a manual Instagram post, complete with your photo/video and text, ready to be copied over to Instagram.

3. Once you receive the email, make sure to open it, save any media content (images or video) to your camera roll and copy your caption to your clipboard.

4. Open the Instagram app and click on the "New Post" button to create your Feed post, Reel, or Story.

5. Paste your caption into your post directly and load the media content from your camera roll.

6. Publish your post! 🎉

How To Use Email Notifications To Publish Facebook Group Posts

Starting from 22nd April 2024, third-party scheduling tools will no longer be able to support connecting Facebook Groups and publishing content to them directly.

For customers with connected Facebook Groups, we've introduced email notifications.

When your scheduled post time arrives, we'll automatically send you an email notification, requiring no further action on your part 💪

Once you receive the email, make sure the follow the steps below to create your post:

1. Open the email, save any media content (images or video) to your camera roll and copy your caption to your clipboard.

2. Open your Facebook Group and click into the "Write something..." box to create your post.

3. Paste your caption into your post directly and load the media content from your camera roll.

4. Publish your post! 🎉

Tips For Using Notification Publishing With ANY Social Platform

Because you're posting manually, there are no longer limitations about having to be an admin of the Facebook Group, so you can use Notification Publishing to help you publish posts to ANY Group that you belong to.

And even better, you're not limited to just Facebook Groups - there's nothing stopping you from taking the scheduled content and posting it to ANY profile you can think of; like your personal Facebook profile, LinkedIn Groups, Threads, Telegram, Mastodon, YouTube Shorts, WhatsApp...

There are lots of other benefits about posting manually even if the platform has an API integration - being able to mention personal profiles on Facebook or groups on LinkedIn; adding stickers, product tags, locations, music, user tags/collaborators on Instagram or TikTok; setting a custom thumbnail, crop, or filters; or not having limits on how many posts you can publish each day.

If any of this sounds useful to you, we'd love to get your input by answering four quick questions, which will help us prioritize improvements to this feature in our roadmap.

If you'd like us to add more profiles to your account so you can publish manually to other platforms, get in touch! This workaround is in Beta, and we're still experimenting with how to make it work for you.

  • For now, all profiles will appear as Facebook Groups, but you can ask us to give each one a custom name, including the platform.
  • When you receive the notification, simply look at the platform and profile name in the message, so you know which profile to publish it to.

Potential future improvements include being able to add separate profiles yourself; and getting notifications in our mobile app, so that images are automatically saved to your camera roll, and the caption is automatically copied to your clipboard (like posts for personal Instagram profiles).