Is Using SmarterQueue Safe?

When used the right way, social media scheduling via SmarterQueue can help users be more efficient and effective, leaving all those repetitive tasks behind in favor of engaging with your audience and building your brand. 

But if you're going to spend time crafting the best social media posts and setting up your Queue, you want to be sure that  your relationship with the social media platforms you're posting to is safe and in the best hands.
The short answer: it absolutely is! 🎉

Is Using SmarterQueue Safe? 

SmarterQueue is not only a great social media scheduling tool but it's also authorized by the Social Media platforms you are using with it.  

Whether you're using us more for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest, you need to know that we integrate with these apps using only the official APIs and following all the latest Social Media Automation Rules that they impose. 

All the features that we bring to our customers are subject to direct app reviews conducted by the Social Platforms, so we make sure to put the safety of your account first at all times. 

Even beyond that, SmarterQueue is an official partner for LinkedIn.