Difference Between Analytics Levels

You may have seen the different Analytics Levels and been curious about what each one does. We can help clear that up for you!)

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Basic Analytics

With Basic Analytics you will be able to view reports for the last month plus you will be able to Analyse your own social profiles.

Intermediate Analytics

Intermediate Analytics will unlock everything in Basic Analytics plus you can now Add and customise Google UTM parameters to links.

Advanced Analytics

You will receive everything in Intermediate Analytics. But that is not all! You will be able to view reports for any period. You can analyse other people's social profiles (competitor analysis). And you can export analytics for your Past Posts as a CSV.

Analytics Examples

Example Reports

Learn which categories are performing best, and for what kind of engagement.

Create charts comparing any of your engagement metrics over time.

Discover the best time and day to post, for any of your categories, and for each type of engagement.

Google UTMs

Add Google UTMs to links, and automatically include the platform, profile name, and category. Connect the dots between your social posts and your website traffic. (INTERMEDIATE ANALYTICS)

Analyse a Social Profile

Analyse your own social profiles, even before you've posted with SmarterQueue. (BASIC ANALYTICS)

Analyse any social profile, to learn what works best for your competitors. (ADVANCED ANALYTICS)

Example CSV Export

Get full access to your data, so you can do further analysis and create your own reports. (ADVANCED ANALYTICS)

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