What Is The Difference Between Importer Levels?

If you are choosing your SmarterQueue Plan, you may have seen there are different Importer Levels available on our Pricing Page. Curious about what each one does? Read on and we'll clear that up for you! 💪 

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Basic Importer

Curating your social media presence can be very time-consuming. It's not always easy coming up with fresh and relevant content for your followers. 

The good news is that great content can come from many sources, and with Basic Importer, you can import it from social media and/or RSS Feeds, and save up to 30 sources to keep importing from. 

Import From Social Media

Posts that you've sent out in the past can find a new audience now and bring in much-needed engagement.

Not only that, but great content from other social media accounts that you follow and relate to can work for you as well. Great content attracts an audience, no matter the source. This way, you can increase both your exposure and that of the people you follow. ✨

You can re-share posts from Facebook & Twitter, or re-share pins from Pinterest easily, to any of your Social Profiles. Just select the social profile and start scheduling your new Posts. 

Import Blog Posts From RSS

If you have a blog that you're trying to promote or simply enjoy blogposts from other sources, you can easily import content using the blog' RSS Feed.  You can to quickly import Post by Post and publish them to your followers. 

You can simply enter the web address for the blog from which you're looking to import and SmarterQueue will bring up all of the blogposts, to quickly choose from. 

Saved Searches

SmarterQueue allows you to save all of your favorite sources, and import content from them easily without ever having to search for them again! 

And with the Basic Importer, you can save up to 30 sources at once. 

Intermediate Importer

The Intermediate Imported comes with everything available in the Basic Importer, plus the ability to import content from your searches in Bulk, upload up to 200 posts at once via a CSV file, and up to 100 saved sources at once. 

Bulk Import

Import all of your Posts from Social Profiles, YouTube Channels or playlists, Blogs, etc. at once using Bulk Import. You don't have to select each Post one by one anymore. 

You can now switch the Import Mode to Bulk and use the 'Bulk Editor Box' to make changes to all of the posts that you import. Don't worry, you can still select the content you want to Publish and unselect that which you don't. 

And you can easily toggle Evergreen on and off, select a Category and the Social Profiles to post to, for all the content you're importing or for each Post separately. 

Import from CSV

And if the content you're looking to Bulk Import is on your computer instead of an external source, you can use a CSV, Excel file, or Google sheet and have everything added to your Queue at once. 

Advanced Importer

You will receive everything in the Intermediate Importer but your saved sources will be unlimited. 

You can also now sort social feeds by engagement - see the most liked/commented/shared posts in seconds. You will be able to filter RSS and social feeds by keyword and content type - find specific posts, images, videos, links. And you can Import sources from Feedly bookmarks

Sorting Social Feeds And Searching Keywords

You can now find specific content in seconds, and only import the best Posts that have proven engagement.

The "Sort By" dropdown list will allow you to choose from a multitude of metrics, to help you find the best content for you.

And the "Search Terms(s)" box will let you filter all of the available content based on the exact keywords you're looking for, making sure you're only dealing with Posts that are relevant to you and your audience. 

Import Sources From Your Feedly Bookmarks

If you're a Feedly user, you can Import Feedly bookmarks in a few quick steps, by uploading your OPML file. 

Once imported, the bookmarks will be added to your saved sources right away - you will be able to pull content from them whenever you want. 

And you don't need to worry about having too many saved sources anymore since with Advanced Importer you get to keep an unlimited number.