Will I Get Less Engagement Than Posting Natively?

While Facebook’s algorithm is a secret, they have mentioned that they do not penalise third-party tools (can you imagine the backlash if they stated otherwise?!)

While it’s possible that they would promote personal content more than promotional content in their news feed, there are too many factors that affect whether posts get engagement or not.

The only way to truly answer the question is to A/B test the exact same library of content, posted to similar audiences at similar times, over a period of weeks/months. 

Otherwise it would be impossible to tell if one particular native post did better than an automated post because of the tool used, or the myriad other factors:

– day of week
– time of day
– competition from other stories at that particular time
– quality of post, headline, image
– type of content (video/image/link)

One large factor is that people tend to spend more time crafting a post carefully, when adding it natively, and thus they are higher quality and more interesting than automated posts, which may account for why they tend to get more engagement.

The biggest consideration, though, is your time and effort. Even if you did get more a few percent more engagement by posting everything manually, would it still be worth it to have to add all your content by hand, forever? 

Automation gives you time-saving benefits and lets you post more consistently.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what research says; what matters are your own results. Try posting at different times and days, try changing the kind of content you post, try posting the same content natively, and automatically. Because of the variation due to the many factors, you’ll need to run tests for a long time to find out if there is a difference.

Do what saves you time, and gets you results you’re happy with. We provide a suite of analytics and reports that will help you find out what your best times and days are, and what type of content gets the most engagement – as well as learn from competitors so you can start on the right track.

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