How Do I Know Which Of My Posts Have Performed The Best?

Understanding how your Posts have performed with your audience is simple with SmarterQueue's Analytics!

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How to Check Your Past Posts

Inside your Queue, there are various folders for your Posts: Queue, Drafts, Trash, Failed, Unqueued, Hidden, Past Posts

Click on 'Past Posts' at the far right to view all of your Past Posts. 

Alternatively, in the top menu, navigate to Analytics > Past Posts.

This will bring you to an overview of all your Past Posts where you can see different performance metrics each platform:

Twitter: Likes and Retweets

Facebook: Like, Shares, Comments, Clicks

Pinterest: Saves/Comments

LinkedIn: Clicks

Here is an example of a Tweet: 

This information can be useful to analyse:

  • What types of content perform the best
  • What types of Posts are most engaging
  • What Social Profiles are most engaged
  • How engaged your audience is with different types of content Categories 
  • Patterns in high performing content 
  • And much more!

Analyse A Social Profile

If you want to see more detail on a Post's performance: 

Use the top menu to navigate to Analytics > Analyse Social Profiles:

From here you will be able to;

  1. Select a Platform
  2. Select a Social Profile
  3. Select a date range
  4. Analyse

After following those steps you will see a breakdown of the performance for your selected date ranges!

Where Are My Individual Post Insights?

Scrolling down the page will bring you to 'Post insights.'

This is a breakdown of each Post that has been published - It will display a sortable list of the metrics per Platform. From here you can discover the best engagement across your content 🙌

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