How To Add Multiple Twitter Profiles

You can connect multiple Twitter Profiles to your SmarterQueue account for all of your posting needs. 🐦

To connect all of your accounts, please follow these easy steps: 

1. Log into your first Twitter account on Twitter.Com

2. In a new tab, open your SmarterQueue account and navigate to Profiles

3.  Click 'Add a Profile' under Twitter 

4. Follow the prompts on screen to accept permissions and 'Authorise app'. Your first Twitter account will then automatically connect to SmarterQueue and you'll see it listed as one of your Profiles! 💪 

5. You can now navigate back to Twitter.Com and log out of your first account, then log into your second Twitter account

6. Repeat steps 2-5 until all you've connected all of your Twitter accounts! 

For more detailed information and a video walkthrough on How To Add Or Remove A Social Profile, check out our detailed article!