How To Refresh Pinterest Boards

If you recently created a new Pinterest Board and are not seeing it in your Post Editor, here are some simple steps to refresh and bring it into your Post Editor πŸ‹

πŸ’‘Before we begin, ensure that your Pinterest Board is 'Public' and not a 'Secret' Board

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Why Do I Need to Refresh My Boards?

When you add a Pinterest profile to your account, we pull your Pinterest Boards from Pinterest into SmarterQueue. 

As with all technology, sometimes things get stuck along the way 🚦

A simple way to fix this is to refresh and pull them in again, so they show in your Post Editor. 

How Do I Refresh Them?

1. From your SmarterQueue dashboard, go to 'Add Content' > 'Add A Post', this will bring up the Post Editor

2. Select your Pinterest profile and click on 'Choose a Board'

3. Click 'Refresh Boards...'

4. Your public Pinterest Boards should then all be available 😊

To find out which Boards will be available, and to change settings, check out our Article here on which boards are available!

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