Which Pinterest Boards Can I Post To?

Posting to Pinterest can depend on the settings on the Boards you have created.

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Which Pinterest Boards Can I Post To? 

Public Boards

With SmarterQueue, you can create and schedule posts to any of your own public boards on Pinterest 💪

Secret Boards

You will not be able to post to Secret Pinterest boards at this time. SmarterQueue does not have access - a secret is a secret! 🤫

If you'd like to update the settings on a Secret Pinterest Board so that it is public and detectable by SmarterQueue, you can do so on Pinterest by following these steps:

  • Navigate to the Pinterest site and log in
  • Click your profile avatar, then select your profile name

  • Hover over the Board for which you want to make edits, then click the pencil icon in the bottom-right

  • In the pop-up that appears, toggle the switch next to "Secret" to turn it off
  • Click 'Save'/'Done'

After making that change, you can then refresh boards inside of SmarterQueue and your board will appear.

Shared Boards

If you have been added as a collaborator to a shared board that has not been set as Secret, you will be able to post as normal using SmarterQueue 🙌

How To Choose A Pinterest Board In The Post Editor

When creating your pins, you can easily choose which board to post to from inside the Post Editor.

1. Create your post inside the Post Editor

For more information on how to add a post, check out this helpful linked article.  

2. If you've selected more than one Social Profile for your post, click into the Post Text tab for Pinterest

3. Click 'Choose a Board' and use the drop-down menu to select the right board

4. Now when you save your post, the pin will be scheduled to the correct board! 🎉 

Note: If you don't see your board on the list, follow the steps in this helpful article to refresh your boards