Which Pinterest Boards Can I Post To?

Posting to Pinterest can depend on the settings on the Boards you have created.

💡SmarterQueue can post to Public Pinterest boards only. We are unable to post to Secret Pinterest boards, as a secret is a secret 🤫

If you believe you have incorrectly set the board to Secret. You can check and update those settings on Pinterest through the following steps:

  • From the Pinterest site, click 'Profile'
  • Click 'Boards'
  • Click on the board you want 
  • Toggle the switch next to "Secret" to turn off
  • Click 'Save'

After making that change, you can then Refresh Boards and see that Board.

How About Shared Boards?

If you have been added as a collaborator to a board that has not been set as Secret, you will be able to post as normal 🙌

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