How To Add A Title To Your Pinterest Post

When posting to Pinterest, you can easily add a title to your Pin from inside SmarterQueue 💪

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Adding A Title In The Post Editor

When creating a new Pin, add a title to further define your post! 

1. Navigate to the Post Editor by clicking "Create a Post".

2. Next select a Category for your post

3. Then choose the Pinterest Profile you'd like to publish your post to by clicking on the Profiles' icons.

4. Use the drop-down menu to 'Choose a Board' for your Pin.

5. Now, you can write the text you want to share on your post! If you'd like to add a link, simply paste it into the text box too! You'll see it replaced by a [[link]] placeholder, but rest assured your link has been added 😊 

Note: If you add a link to your post, then you'll see a Link Preview generate. The information you see in the Preview Pane for the link, such as the image, title, description, etc are set by the author of the link you have added inside the Post Editor. 

6. If you'd like to add an image or video to your post, you may do so under the "Media" section. Simply click the camera icon to open all options or drag and drop your file onto the Post Editor screen.

Note: If your post already contains a link and you also add either an image or a video, then that media will override your link preview.  

7. Just below the media section, you'll see the option to add a Title to your Pin! Write in your title and see the preview update on the right-hand side! Do note that Pinterest titles must be less than 100 characters in length.

Note: If you share a link with your Pin and don't manually add a title, then your pin will automatically publish with the title of the site you're posting as the title of the Pin.

8. There you have it! Click to save your post and watch to see your Pin publish with a title 🦾

Adding A Title When Importing From Find Content

If you'd like to import pins from Pinterest or other sources to your Queue, you can easily add in titles directly inside the Find Content dashboard! 

1. Using the top menu bar navigate to "Find Content".

2. Use any of the options to search for content. Try "Curating from social media" to search for content from various social feeds including your own connected Profiles, as well as others' Facebook Pages.

3. Click into the search bar, then search for or select the Profile or keyword you'd like. Try clicking on the "Your Boards" option under Pinterest to curate Pins you've added based on the specific Board. 

4. You can then select the relevant Pinterest Board - select "See more" to browse more options. SmarterQueue will then fetch your Pins which you can then sort and re-share! 💪 

5. If you'd like to re-share a single post, click on the share icon for that specific post. To import the Pin's title along with any text, images, and links, be sure to select "Share full post".

Note: If you select any other option, like "Share photo" or "Share link'" then the Pinterest title will not be imported, though rest assured you can always add a title of your own later. 

The Post Editor will then open where you can follow the steps above to adjust, add or remove your Pin's title 💪 

6. If you'd like to re-share several Pins in bulk, toggle on the 'Bulk' import option

7. You can then select a Category and Pinterest Profile for your posts inside the Bulk Editor and make any other settings edits you'd like

8. You'll then be able to edit, remove, or add any Titles you'd like to the Pins!

Note: Existing Titles for the Pins are shown in bold text. If the Pin doesn't already have a title, you'll see a greyed out field for "Pinterest title" where you can add your own 😊