Can I Publish to Multiple Pinterest Boards?

Publishing a post to multiple Pinterest boards is a great way to get more visibility and engagement for your content. 
If you'd like to see this developed within SmarterQueue, please drop us a line at with any feedback you may have on this feature 😊

In The Meantime, Here's An Easy Workaround...

  • Create your Pinterest Post in the Post Editor, select a board you'd like to share it to, and add it to your Queue. 
  • To share the same Post to other Pinterest boards, navigate back to your Queue in the top menu of your SmarterQueue dashboard.
  • Click to view as a '"List".

  • Find the relevant Pinterest post. 
Note: You can use the left-hand filter menu to narrow your search. Click on your Pinterest profile to view all posts. 
  • Click on the horizontal three-dot button ("...") in the upper-right-hand corner of the Post to show more options.
  • Select "Duplicate". 

  • You'll be redirected to the Post Editor, where you'll find a perfect copy of the initial post. You'll now be able to select another one of your Pinterest boards.

  • Ensure "Add Another Copy" is checkmarked before you save the post to the Queue. This way, you'll remain in the Post Editor with a new copy of the post every time you save and will have the option to add it to a different board each time by repeating the steps.

  • Once you're on your last Pinterest Board, simply uncheck "Add Another Copy" before you save, and you're done.