Can I Publish to Multiple Pinterest Boards?

Publishing a post to multiple Pinterest boards is a great way to get more visibility and engagement for your content. 
If you'd like to see this developed within SmarterQueue, please drop us a line at with any feedback you may have on this feature 😊

In The Meantime, Here's An Easy Workaround...

  • Create your Pinterest Post in the Post Editor, select a board you'd like to share it to, and add it to your Queue. 
  • To share the same Post to other Pinterest boards, navigate back to your Queue in the top menu of your SmarterQueue dashboard.
  • Click to view as a '"List".

  • Find the relevant Pinterest post. 

Note: You can use the left-hand filter menu to narrow your search. Click on your Pinterest profile to view all posts. 

  • Click on the horizontal three-dot button ("...") in the upper-right-hand corner of the Post to show more options.
  • Select "Duplicate". 

  • You'll be redirected to the Post Editor, where you'll find a perfect copy of the initial post. You'll now be able to select another one of your Pinterest boards.

  • Ensure "Add Another Copy" is check marked before you save the post to the Queue. This way, you'll remain in the Post Editor with a new copy of the post every time you save and will have the option to add it to a different board each time by repeating the steps.

  • Once you're on your last Pinterest Board, simply uncheck "Add Another Copy" before you save, and you're done. 

Note: Pinterest strongly favors fresh pins to duplicate ones and could even flag duplicate content published in a short amount of time as spam. We recommend you ensure no duplicate posts publish at the same time, even for different boards. You can do achieve this by filtering your Pinterest Queue (overall or for each specific Category) and shuffling the contents.