What Are Related Posts?

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Related Posts give you a snapshot of posts that you created at the same time in the Post Editor, but which you queued for different social platforms. 

Perhaps you have a post scheduled for Twitter and want to see if it is also scheduled for your Instagram. 

Related Posts makes it possible to check and see!

How Can I View Related Posts?

Finding Related Posts is quick and easy! 

  • In your Queue, simply locate the post you want to view (Click on 'Queue' in the navigation menu)
  • Click More Options by clicking on the three dots (...) in the top right corner 
  • Then select 'View Related Posts'
  • This will pull up all the 'Related Posts' if there are any

What Can I Do With Related Posts?

You have several options 🤓

  • You can view the image 
  • See the link of that particular post
  • You can also check on its current status

That is not all!

  • You can edit the post
  • Copy the post
  • Trash the post

All from here! 💪