How Can I See What My Competitors Are Doing?

Members with the  Agency plan or the  Advanced Analytics add-on can also analyze any Facebook Page or Twitter Profile, on top of their own connected Social Profiles. All other plans can only analyze their own Social Profiles.

Learn from your competitors by analyzing their Social Profiles! Find the pieces of their social strategies that are already working and apply them to your own! 💪 

To gain insights from your competitors and jump-start your strategy, follow these simple steps to analyze their Social Profiles: 

1. Navigate to Analytics > Analyse Social Profiles

2. Click either the Facebook or Twitter button, type the username you'd like to analyze into the bar, and choose the right Profile from the drop-down menu 💪 

Note: While you can analyze anyone's Facebook Page or Twitter Profile, you can only analyze your own connected Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest accounts. 
Note: We don't currently support analyzing Google profiles. 

4. Once you have selected an account, choose a date range then click "Analyse"

5. Your results will load below! 🎉 

6. For a detailed walkthrough on how to interpret the results from analyzing a competitor's Social Profile, check out this helpful article: Analyze A Social Profile: How To Interpret The Results