Why Is My Image Taking A Long Time To Upload To My Media?

Sometimes it can seem like it's taking a while to upload images. Below are some common reasons and ways to resolve.

In This Article

  1. Check The Resolution Of The Image
  2. Check The Format Of The Image
  3. Check Your Computer & Network

Check The Resolution Of The Image

Many images that are supplied by a designer or purchased and downloaded from stock image sites are in a very high resolution format. 
To resolve, open the image in a graphics program (there are many free programs and sites that can help with this) and try decreasing the resolution by half. This should make the upload more speedy, and will not harm how the image looks on social sharing sites.
We have a full article on what size and resolution images work best for each social site to use as a guide when resizing images for various social networks.

Check The Format Of The Image

Images that do best are lower resolution PNG images and JPG images. We recommend saving your image into one of these formats for use with SmarterQueue.

Check Your Computer & Network

If other sites also seem slow, try the following troubleshooting steps:
1. Refresh your browser, and try again.
2. Reboot your computer, and try again.
3. Check the speed of your upload by going to speedtest.net, a free service, to see if your speed is being affected by network slowdown with your ISP itself. Your speed should be at least 10 mbps upstream for best performance with our site.