Where Are My Imported Posts?

If you have imported Posts and cannot find them, here are the places to look!

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Where Are They?

In this article, we'll have a look at where in SmarterQueue your imported Posts end up.
Whether it is from an RSS feed or a CSV file, if you imported content successfully, it is going to show up in your SmarterQueue account somewhere!

Where it shows up is dependent on several factors. Here we will go over them all! 


First place to look would be your Queue. This is where all your currently imported/curated and scheduled content is.
 If you imported articles and chose to add to the top, or bottom of your Queue, that's where they'll be.


They may also be in your Drafts section. 
This is where your imported/created content that has not been added to your Queue will go. When you Import, you have the option to save directly to Drafts - which gives you the ability to edit these Posts at your leisure. 

UnQueued Posts

Another place articles could end up is in your Unqueued section. Unqueued Posts are imported/created content without a Timeslot so SmarterQueue won't know when to post them.


Lastly, they may be Hidden Posts. This is a section that includes all Posts which have a Category and Profile combination that has been disabled.

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