Where Are My Imported Posts?

Bulk Importing from different sources is a great way to schedule a large number of posts at once. 

Whether you're uploading a CSV or promoting your favorite blog posts, SmarterQueue will let you upload up to 200 posts at a time, in just a few seconds. 💪 

In this article, we'll have a look at where in SmarterQueue your imported Posts end up.  

In This Article

What Happens When I Import Content?

Whether it is from an RSS feed or a CSV file, if you imported content successfully, it is going to show up in your SmarterQueue account somewhere!

Where it shows up depends on several factors, related to selections you've made during the import steps, how your Posting Plan is currently set up, and/or active Categories. 

Where Can I Find My Imported Posts?

Your imported content is going to show up in one of four places, as shown below:


The first place to look would be your Queue. This is where all your currently imported/curated and scheduled content is.

If you imported articles and chose to add to the top, or bottom of your Queue, for active Categories, with existing Timeslots in your Posting Plan, that's where your imported content will be.


Another place your posts could be in is the Drafts section. 

When you Import, within the 'Import Options' you have the option to save directly to Drafts instead of sending the posts to the Queue. 

This gives you the ability to edit these Posts at your leisure. 

Check here for more steps on how to change your import settings. 


Another place articles could end up is in your Unqueued section.

Posts end up here when you've imported/created content for a Category and Social Profile combination that doesn't have a Timeslot added to your Posting Plan. Due to this SmarterQueue won't know when to post them.

Check here for more steps on how to identify and fix this issue. 


Lastly, your posts can end up in the Hidden posts section. 


This is a section that includes all posts which have a Category and Profile combination that has been disabled. As such, the posts will not be sent and have been removed from the Queue until the combination is reactivated. 

To fix this, you will need to hover your mouse over the red exclamation mark to see the error message.

Once the message is displayed, you will need to select 'Click to enable the Profile and Category pairing'. 

This will bring you to the bulk-edit Categories page, where you will be able to enable the profile/category pairing you need. 

Check here for more information on Hidden posts.