Why Does My Queue Stop At A Particular Date?

If you are looking in your Queue and you notice that your Evergreen Posts appear to stop at a certain date, even though you have them scheduled beyond that time, don't worry, there is a simple explanation! 😊

Here Is How Your Queue Displays Evergreen Posts

When you look at your Queue, you can only ever see one example of a queued post at any given time.

Your Queue is a library of  unique posts - if you have a repeating post, you will only see it once in the Queue.

So, if for example, you had 10 queued Evergreen Posts, and you set your Posting Plan to send out content from your Queue once a week forever, your Queue would only show those 10 posts over the course of 10 weeks, 1 Post per week (this is the same for Variations).

As soon as the first Post in your Queue is published, it disappears from the top, or beginning of your Queue, and appears at the bottom, or end of your Queue, so you would now see it as the furthermost post in your Queue.  

At this time, the post will also show a new 'Cycle' number. This number lets you know how many times the post will have been used once it's published again.

Note: If you imagine your Queue is like a deck of playing cards when a post is published it's like dealing a card from the top of the deck, and then discarding it, but when you've set an Evergreen Post to be recycled, as soon that card is dealt from the top of the deck, we put it back to the bottom of the deck, so that it can be dealt again later!

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