Why Is My Queue Slow To Load?

If you have thousands of posts in your Queue, then it may be slow to load due to the volume of content. Rest assured, there's a quick workaround to ensure your Queue always loads quickly! ⚡ 

1. Navigate to your Queue

2. Use the left-hand widget to filter by one Social Profile

You can also filter for a Category as well to further speed up the load time.  

3. Click save to set a default view for your Queue  

4. Bookmark the link for the filtered view of your Queue in your browser 

5. Each time you load your Queue, it will now show automatically in this filtered view, and your posts will be much faster to load 🎉 

6. You can also switch filters to view posts in other Categories and Social Profiles

Note: Please always view your Queue in a filtered view. When switching filters, be sure not to remove any as then your Queue will be slow to load. You should always have at least one filter on your Queue.  

7. If you're still experiencing trouble loading a slow Queue after following the above steps, then, please contact us 😊