How To View Your Queue By Week And Month

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List View

When you go to view your Queue, you’ll be greeted by List View. 

This is a list of your posts in the order in which they’ll be shared to your social networks.

The top left of each card shows information about the post, such as the time it will be published, if it will be recycled ( Evergreen) and if there are any warnings. Hover over any of the icons to see more details.

  • Click the 'cross' icon to drag your posts up and down in the Queue. When you drag your post into a new position in the Queue, this changes its posting time
  • Click the 'pencil' icon to edit your post
  • Click the 'eye' icon to preview your post. The preview will appear in the Info pane on the right
  • Click ' ...' to see other actions available (e.g. view related posts, duplicate, trash, or move your post to the top/bottom of the Queue)

Week View

This Calendar view lets you see when your posts will be published, based on your Posting Plan and your Queued content.

Show/Hide Unused Timeslots

If you have added Timeslots to your Posting Plan, but have not added content to that Profile and Category, you can show these unused Timeslots in Week view. There is a toggle above the Calendar to change this setting.

These greyed-out Timeslots appear alongside your Queued posts, making it easy to see where you may want to add more content.

You can click on an unused Timeslot to add a post to that Profile and Category.

Month View

This high-level view is ideal for seeing all of the posts that will be published each day.

Grouped Posts

Posts can be grouped by Profile, Category, or shown individually. You can toggle these groupings on and off in the top men

Posts grouped by profile

Posts Grouped By Category

In any grouped view you can click on a group in the Calendar to see a list of the individual posts in the Info Pane

Left-Hand Filter Pane

The Filter pane is where you can add and remove Filters. Here, you can check how many posts you have for each Profile or Category.

Click on any of the filters to filter your Queue. Your Queue will then show posts that pertain to your chosen Filters. 

For example, if you only want to see posts for your Facebook profile, click on it to filter. You can combine filters, to view posts in a specific Category for a particular Profile – and even see Evergreen image posts within those.

At the top, you can see which Filters are currently applied, and clicking on them will remove the filter.

Filter pane with a filter applied

You can hide the Filter pane by clicking Hide on the far left.

Right-Hand Info Pane

Here, you’ll find a summary of your Queue, which is updated each time you add or remove Filters. 

This will contain important messages if you have any posts that won’t be published (e.g. if you don’t have appropriate Timeslots in your Posting Plan). Any red warnings will contain a link to help you resolve the issue.

You can hide the Info Pane by clicking Hide on the far right.

When the Info Pane is hidden, any warnings will still be visible as coloured dots on the sidebar itself. The colour of the dots matches the colour of any warning messages in the Info Pane.

In any Queue view, if you click on the 'eye' icon for a post to see a preview of how it will look once published. 

The preview will also be shown in the Info pane.

Common Questions

How can I view only the Evergreen posts?

When you’re viewing your Queue, you can see a number of filters down the left-hand side.  
Select the Evergreen filter, and it will show only your Evergreen posts in your Queue. 
You can combine filters, for example, to see only Evergreen posts from a specific profile and Category, that have an image attached.
Why are some Timeslots greyed out?
If you are seeing Greyed Out Timeslots in your Calendar view do not worry! 
These are unused Timeslots. You can add content to that particular Profile and Timeslot and your posts will continue to publish as normal! 
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