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What Is The Queue?

The Queue is a library of all the unique posts you have created or imported and a timeline of when they will be published to your followers. You will only ever see one instance of a post in your Queue, even if it is Evergreen and set to recycle.

No previous or Past Posts are visible in your Queue, only future posts. 

There are 3 ways to view the Queue.

1. List view

2. Weekly view

When viewing the Queue in weekly format, you can choose to ' Show unused timeslots' to better understand what type of content you have created and scheduled thus far. 

3. Monthly view

When viewing the Queue in monthly format, you can choose to ' Group posts' by Profile and Category to get a better understanding of your monthly content mix.

Grouped by Profile:

Grouped by Category:

You can also use the filters on the left-hand side of the Queue to further narrow your view to each Sub-Queue! Learn more here:

The Order Of The Queue

The order of your Queue reflects the order in which you create and schedule your content through the Post Editor, either sent to the Queue to be published based on the Timeslots you've added to your Posting Plan. or specifically scheduled

If you add something to the Top of the Queue or Bottom of the Queue you would see it here, based on your Posting Plan and the Timeslots you created.

If you schedule your posts to be published at specific dates and times or set them as recurring posts, they will be independent of the Posting Plan and will show up in the Queue ‘pinned’ to their own specific dates and time:

After adding content to your Queue, you can reorder your posts if you need to, unless they are pinned, as in the example above. 

Check out more information on how to tell how your posts are scheduled from how they're displayed in the Queue. 

The Queue In Action

When it’s time to publish your posts, it doesn’t matter if they are one-time or Evergreen, they will be published in the order in which they appear in your Queue

When a one-time post is published, it is removed from the Queue, and the next item in your Queue becomes the top item. 

Whenever an Evergreen post is published, it is then moved to the bottom of the Queue, where it waits, in turn, to be posted again on its next cycle. 

So, for example, if it was #1 in a Queue with 10 Posts, after it is posted, the 2nd item in the Queue moves up to #1, and the Evergreen post is added to the bottom of the Queue as #10.