What's New With The Instagram Graph API?

As of 29th June, 2020, Instagram has changed to a new API, which affects how you connect your Instagram Profiles, and what information is available about your posts 💪 Read on to learn more about what's changing and how to adapt!

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What's Changed? 

Instagram was purchased by Facebook way back in 2012, but they're only now finally moving Instagram's API into Facebook's API. This changes the way third-party tools like SmarterQueue can interact with Instagram Profiles. Most changes will affect Personal Instagram Profiles, while Business Instagram Profiles, if connected to a Facebook Page, remain the same. 

The main changes that might affect you are:  

  1. You'll no longer be able to sign up or log into SmarterQueue via an Instagram Profile
  2. For Personal Instagram Profiles, you'll no longer be able to:
    1. See the number of likes and comments for posts inside of Find Content and Engage
    2. Get a full report when you Analyze a Social Profile
    3. Get your follower counts in Reports
  3. For newly-added Personal Instagram Profiles, you'll also only see a generic image as the icon inside of SmarterQueue rather than the profile photo. If you're re-connecting an existing Personal Instagram Profile, we'll try to keep your existing profile photo.
  4. When using Top Nine with a Personal Instagram Profile, you'll no longer see the most-liked posts, but you will still be able to choose your best nine to display
  5. Business Instagram Profiles must be connected to a Facebook Page via Facebook's website, and then require further connection steps within SmarterQueue

How Can I Adapt? 

Here are our recommendations to adapt to these changes in a few simple steps ✨ : 

  1. If you used to log into SmarterQueue via Instagram and are no longer able to access your account, then please follow the steps in this article to reset your password and create new login credentials: How To Reset Your Password If You Used To Log In Via Instagram  
  2. If you'd like in-depth analytics for Instagram, convert any Personal Instagram Profiles into Business Profiles by following the steps in this article from Instagram's Help Center: Set Up a Business Account on Instagram
  3. To continue accessing reports and analytics inside of SmarterQueue, connect your Business Instagram Profile to a Facebook Page following these steps: How to Connect Your Instagram Profile To A Facebook Page You Manage