📹 Getting Started | Learn Timings & Content Strategies From Competitors

Gain valuable insight into your competition using SmarterQueue's powerful analytics ⚙️

Jumpstart your social strategy and immediately learn what hashtags you should be using, how many times per month you should be posting, when you should be posting, what types of content, and more! ✨ 

Video Tutorial


  1. Navigate to Analytics > Analyse a Social Profile
  2. Click on the Facebook tab then search for the account you'd like to analyze 
  3. Set the date range to the "Last 6 Months" for the most relevant data and click "Analyse"
  4. Use each section to learn which winning elements to apply to your own strategy. Jump to:
    1. Engagement by Content to learn what types of content you should be posting 
    2. Engagement vs Number of Hashtags to see how many hashtags to use on your posts
    3. Top Hashtags for Likes to see which hashtags to use for high engagement 
    4. Posts per month to see how many times per month to publish 
    5. Posting Times to see what the best days of the week and hours are to post for high engagement 
  5. Take your learnings and apply them to your own strategy! 

More Information

Please see this helpful article for more detailed information on how to read and interpret the results from analyzing your competitors.