📹 Getting Started | Find Top Content To Re-Share

Don't have enough content? Use SmarterQueue's powerful content discovery tools to find top-quality content and add it directly into your Queue in bulk! 📌

Video Walkthrough


  1. Navigate to "Find Content" then select "Curate from social media"
  2. Use the search bar to enter any keywords or account names you'd like to browse and discover content from 
  3. SmarterQueue will search for relevant Facebook Pages and Images. Select the source you'd like to import from in the drop-down list
  4. Use the filters below the search bar to sort the results by "Most Liked", "Most Shared", or "Most Commented" to quickly surface top content
  5. Toggle "Import Mode" to "Bulk" then use the Bulk Editor box to apply settings to the selected posts
    1. Select which Category and Social Profiles you'd like to schedule the content to 
    2. Toggle "Evergreen" on
    3. Choose if you want to add a Snippet
    4. De-select any posts you don't want to import
  6. Click "Add # Selected Posts to Bottom of Queue"

SmarterQueue will then import all of the selected posts! Your Queue will be filled with top-quality content in seconds 😊 

More Details

Please see these articles on curating from social media and bulk importing posts for more detailed information and walkthroughs!