📹 Getting Started | Find The Best Times To Post

Not sure when to post? Gain valuable insight into your competitors' and your own best times to post, then set up a weekly schedule to mirror your findings and post only at high engagement times! 📈

Video Tutorial


  1. Navigate to "Analytics" > "Analyze Social Profiles"
  2. Select one of your own Social Profiles, or search for a competitor's Twitter or Facebook Page
  3. Under 'Select a date range' choose "Last" 6 months then click 'Analyze'
  4. Scroll to the bottom section titled "Posting Times". Here you'll see a heat map of all the days and times your/your competitor's Profile posted! Look for big orange and red dots on the map and make a note of the days of the week and times. These are the times where posting received the highest engagement!
  5. If you'd like to gather more information for high engagement times to post, repeat steps 2-4 for all of your Social Profiles and a few other competitors
  6. Once you've gathered a list of the best dates and times to post, navigate to the Posting Plan 
  7. Use the left-hand widget to select your first Category and Social Profile then drag and drop a Timeslot onto your weekly schedule at one of the top engagement times you previously researched
  8. Continue building your Posting Plan to mirror the high engagement times you found until your Posting Plan is complete!

Now when you add content to your Queue, it will automatically post for you based on the Posting Plan you just set up! Since you researched top engagement days and hours, your content will always go out at the best times!

More Details

Please see these articles for more detailed instructions and walkthroughs on how often you should be posting to each social platform and how to post at the best times