How Will My Video Look When Published?

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Twitter allows native videos between 1:3 ratio (tall), and 3:1 ratio (wide), up to 140 seconds in length. 

Anything within that aspect ratio range, and under 140 seconds, will appear on the Twitter feed as a native video (with autoplay/sizing as per Twitter’s defaults). 

When your video is posted natively, it will start playing inline when users scroll to it in their feeds.

Native Twitter Video  

If you upload a video that doesn’t meet those requirements (usually if it’s longer than 140 seconds), we will post the video as a Twitter Player Card, where users can click to watch the video in SmarterQueue’s video player.

Twitter Player Card         


Facebook’s documentation states they support videos with the maximum aspect ratio ranges of 9:16 (tall) to 16:9 (wide), but we’ve found that in practice, they will accept aspect ratios between 1:4 and 4:1. 

Videos can be up to 40 minutes long. If you post a video within these size/length limits, it will appear as a native/inline video in Facebook, with Facebook’s default autoplay settings.

Native Facebook Video  

If the video doesn’t fit within these limits, we’ll post a link preview of the video, using the thumbnail and video title that you set. The link will let your audience view the video in a new tab, on our video player page.


LinkedIn only allows third-party schedulers to natively upload videos to company pages. If you schedule a video to a LinkedIn company page, then it will play inside of the post on LinkedIn 💪 

You can still create video posts for personal profiles, though we will post the video as a link preview

When your audience clicks on the preview, it will open the video in a new tab, and they can watch the video on our video player page.

LinkedIn Video Link Preview  

For LinkedIn videos, or Facebook videos that don’t fit their limits, your audience can click on the video link, and watch the video on our own video player page:

SmarterQueue Video Player

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