How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

Can I pause my account rather than cancelling it fully?

In order to temporarily suspend your account, we need to cancel it for the time being but everything is saved and dormant. 

Your account will remain active until the end of your current pay period. 

This way, whenever you’re ready to come back to SmarterQueue everything will be just how you left it.

Do you offer refunds for unused time?

If you’ve purchased a monthly plan we will provide a refund if you cancel your account within 48 hours of your payment being taken. 

For annual plans, we offer a refund if cancelled within 14 days of payment.

Can you recover posts from a deleted SmarterQueue account?

If you reactivate your SmarterQueue account, all of your posts will be there as you left them!

How can I Cancel my trial? 

You can contact us directly if you have any requests/feedback/comments about your experience with us. Or let the trial expire. 

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