Facebook: Invalid URL Error

This error is commonly associated with pulling content from external URLs. 

Facebook does not recognize the content in the link or is unable to connect to the link that was supplied. 

Common Error Messages Associated With This Issue

  • The URL you supplied is invalid – Invalid URL – Failed to parse URL
  • Unable to fetch video file from URL. - Unable to fetch video file from URL - Unable to fetch video file from URL
  • Service temporarily unavailable - Can't Download - Could not retrieve data from URL
  • Facebook's spam-detection algorithm is blocking content (often incorrectly)
  • Empty reply from server

To Resolve

  • Check your link to ensure you have the correct link to fix this error
  • The link may be correct and the site that you're attempting to pull from may be down
  • Check the actual site to make sure
  • If Facebook is invoking Community Standards, report the issue to Facebook to get the link reviewed and whitelisted again in order to be able to publish