How To Discover Others Instagram Content To Share

Recently Instagram has made some security changes on their website. This is in part due to privacy concerns related to Cambridge Analytica.

We have some great ways that you can share the content you want here at SmarterQueue!

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Sharing Others Content

Instagram removed the ability for scheduling tools like SmarterQueue to browse others profiles, so you would not be able to use our Find Content tool for this. 

What you can do is first copy the link/URL of the Instagram page you are on.

From here...

  • Open up SmarterQueue’ post editor in a separate tab (you can always bookmark the link to open it in one click)
  • Once you've selected your Category and Profiles as normal, you can paste the Instagram URL into the post. 
  • This will show link previews for the Instagram post


  • If you want to attach the actual photo to your post, you can click to 'Add Media'
  • Choose the top blue button to add an image from
  • Then select the image, and it will be attached to the post

We've also made a handy guide with step by steps on 'How To Regram'.

💡This will not bring over the post text, so you would need to copy and paste into the Post Editor

Sharing Your Instagram Content

If you are re-sharing an Instagram post from one of your own profiles, you can use the Find Content tool to view posts, search within them, and then re-share a post - all within SmarterQueue.

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