How To Discover & Re-Share Instagram Content

Sharing great content is vital for your social media presence. At SmarterQueue, we have some great ways In which you can share your own Instagram content! ✨ 

If you are re-sharing an Instagram post from one of your own Social Profiles, you can use Find Content to view posts, search within them, and then re-share a post - all within SmarterQueue.

1. Firstly, go to 'Find Content'

2. Then select 'Re-share your best posts'

3. Click inside the search bar and select your Instagram account from the drop-down list of connected Social Profiles

4. Choose the post you'd like to re-share and click the 'Share' button

💡 You can either 'Share Full Post', 'Share Photo + Link', 'Share Link', or 'Share Photo'. For more information on what these options mean, head over to our article on What Is The Difference Between Share Photo, Share Link, Share Photo + Link & Share Full Post?

4. After selecting the portion of the content you'd like to share, finish editing in the Post Editor

5. Here you can choose a Category, select the Profiles you'd like to share to, set your Evergreen settings, and finally add the content to your Queue!